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This site was originally published as and intended as the personal playground of one person with the nickname 'gezi'. It was then found out that gezi is the Turkish word for travel and we have seen many visitors looking for travel deals to Turkey and, obviously, Turkish people looking for information on travel. For these visitors we offered, through Google ads, the option to find the information they seek and hope we did not create too much disappointment by not talking about travel in and to Turkey at all. A few years after creation of this site the name changed from to, because the domain was sold to a Turkish company that could make better use of the name. Sure, we were not utterly altruistic - they also offered quite a chunk of money for the domain - and a trip to Turkey, but we never got around taking it and I believe it's too late now to remind the purchaser of that domain.

Even though this 'GeZi' grew up in Germany, which is much closer to Turkey than his current location in the SouthWest of the good old US of A, he never manged to go and visit Turkey. One of his big dreams has always been to be on the other side of the Aegean Sea, in Greece, with a nice boat and skipper around all the islands.

Sail boat for rent

But I - this GeZi - was nevertheless exposed to plenty of Turkish culture because in the seventies many Turkish guest workers were invited into Germany and they brought much of their culture with them which was rather foreign to the conservative Germans but nevertheless intriguing. One of those intriguing parts was Turkish food...

Turkish Food